Dear Valued Customer

The findings on the source of the Listeria outbreak by the Minister of Health on Sunday 4 March 2018 are specific to products manufactured in Polokwane (Limpopo).

Eskort only has manufacturing facilities in Estcourt (Kwazulu Natal) and Heidelberg (Gauteng) where all Eskort products are exclusively produced.

Eskort  continues to co-operate fully with the Departments of Health and Agriculture and all tests on Eskort products have been confirmed as negative across the Eskort range of Russians, Polony, and Viennas. The testing procedures (carried out both internally) and by external independent bodies continue on a daily basis to ensure that our stringent quality standards are maintained as has been the case since 1917.

Eskort Polony is made from choice cut pork and deboned chicken meat plus pork fat and pork rinds which convert to gelatine during the cooking process and assist in giving the products mouth feel and texture.  Other ingredients include soya, salt, water, spices and seasonings, starch, phosphates, a preservative and colourants.  All ingredients are used according to current regulations and good manufacturing practices. Eskort Chicken Polony is made from deboned chicken breast.