The delightful Eskort 100 Years 100 Recipes book is now on sale at Eskort Butcheries. This 140 page classic was produced as part of the Eskort Centenary and features 45 recipes and the stories behind the recipes shared with us by South Africans from all walks of life. In addition, the book features recipes shared by 6 popular radio DJs who host the Just Delicious Eskort feature on their shows each week. Thank you to KayCee (Algoa FM), Jane (East Coast Radio), Suga (Heart FM), Sasha (Hot 91.9 FM), Mack (Jacaranda FM) and Isabel (OFM) for your recipes and for each making a recipe video with us. Check out the videos by clicking on Videos in the Menu.

* Soft Cover edition now available at Eskort Butcheries 

Popular Jacaranda FM presenter Mack Rapapali seen here receiving his recipe book from Domaine Rautenbach (Eskort Brand Manager).



Download Eskort Family Feasts Mini Recipe book


Aflaai Eskort Familie Fees Resepteboek


Delicious Recipes in this Booklet
Corn & Coriander Fritters with Spicy Russians
Fully Loaded Pork Nachos
Mini Corn Dogs
Beer & Bacon Risotto
Frikkadel Shashuka
Pork Chili & Butterbean Mash
The Ultimate B.L.T.
Cucumber-Pine Slaw Pork Sliders
Stuffed Picnic Ciabatta
Ham, Pear & Asparagus Galette
Bacon, Kale & Sundried Tomato stuffed Pork
Pulled Pork & Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Download Eskort Spring Lunches Edition (1MB)




Download Eskort Heart Warmers edition (1.7MB)


Aflaai Eskort Knus Kos vir die Winter (4.2MB)


Download Eskort Summer Fresh edition (3.2MB)


Aflaai Eskort Kraakvars Somer Uitgawe (3.2MB)

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Download Eskort 'Around the Clock Recipes' Booklet (1.4MB/24 pages)


Download Eskort 30 Minute Meals & Cooking Pork Recipes Booklet (2.4MB/32 pages)


Aflaai Eskort 30-Minuut Maaltye & Voorbereiding van Varkvleis Resepte Boek (2.4MB/32 bl)



Download Eskort Home Style Recipes Booklet (4.5MB/32 pages)


Aflaai Eskort Tuisresepte Boek (4.4MB/32 pages)


Download Eskort Valentine's
Recipes for 2



Download 10 of the Best Pork Christmas Recipes Booklet (SAPPO)


Download Brilliant on the Braai Recipes Booklet (SAPPO)


Download Entertain with Gammon Recipes Booklet (SAPPO)



Download More Pork on your Fork Recipes Booklet (SAPPO)


Download Pork Budget Beater Recipes Booklet (SAPPO)


Download Pork Recipes for Summer Booklet (SAPPO)

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Don't forget, there are hundreds of delicious bacon, vienna, polony, sausage, marinated rib, ham and recipes using fresh pork cuts right here on the Eskort website. And the recipes are really easy to find. Click on Recipes in the menu bar (at the top of this page) and use the handy Search facility to search the recipes by Keyword, (Product) Category, (Eskort) Product or Meal Type. Or simply click on one of the high-lighted recipe pictures. Delicious recipes from Eskort! Enjoy today.