Follow these easy tips and you'll soon be confident, bold, adventurous and have lots of fun cooking pork!

Thawing frozen pork

  1. Pork should be thawed slowly, preferably overnight in the fridge to ensure a juicy result.

  2. Do not use hot water to defrost pork.

  3. In cases of emergency, use the 'defrost' cycle on a microwave oven and defrost as slowly as possible to prevent drying.

Whether fresh or defrosted, refrigerate the pork until you are ready to cook to prevent the loss of delicious meat juices. Do not leave pork at room temperature for longer than 10 minutes.

Preparing & handling pork tips

  1. Dry before you fry. Pat the pork dry with a piece of kitchen roller towel before frying.

  2. Do not season chops or other small cuts before you start the cooking process. Salt draws the juices out of the meat. Simply rub olive oil onto both sides before frying or grilling.

  3. Season chops or other small cuts on both sides about one minute before removing from the heat.

  4. Do not use a fork to turn pork. It will puncture the meat allowing the juices to escape and leaving you with dry meat.

  5. Larger cuts such as roasts can be rubbed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper before cooking.

  6. Do not use high heat when frying pork and bake rather than grill for best results.

Information courtesy of: South African Pork Producers Organisation