South Africa's pork industry is well organised and compares favourably with the rest of the world.

Approx. 200 commercial producers own 103,500 sows.

80 units house 500 or more sows (total sows 80,000) thus 40% of units house 80% of the sows.

27 units house 1,000 or more sows (total sows is 45,000).

Approx. 2.2 million pigs are slaughtered annually to produce 155,000 metric tons of pork
(2.2mill x 70.5 kg per carcass).




World Class South African Pork Production Standards


Information Courtesy of:
South African Pork Producers Organisation & CS Vet (Veterinary Consultants)

SA Pork production unit

SA Pork High Health Herd Status

High Health Herd means that the herd is free of disease causing organisms called pathogens.

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) maintains a close working relationship with the SA Pig Veterinary Society SAPVS and the state and provincial verterinary departments to maintain High Health Herd status in the national herd.

Constant upgrading of units ensures that the biosecurity measures meet global standards and regular serological surveys are conducted to assess and protect the immune status of the national herd.

A programme of upliftment is in place to assist the emerging sector in biosecurity, quality assurance, food safety and in improvements in pig husbandry methods.

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SA Pork Abattoirs

Abattoirs are licensed under strict health and hygiene regulations. 46 registered pig abattoirs are responsible for the slaughtering of just more than the 2 million pigs annually.

SA Pork Quality Assurance

The industry focuses on biosecurity, food safety that includes traceability and eating quality.

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SA Pork Producers Organisation Structure

The South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) is the mouthpiece of commercial pork producers in South Africa. The organisation serves the South African pork producer by co-operating within the organised agricultural fraternity and by liaising with various sectoral organisations, role-players within the supply chain of the meat industry, the government and international interest groups. SAPPO is a broad-based and dynamic service provider and facilitator, representing and supporting all South Africa’s pig farmers in their quest for profitability and sustainability.

The organistaion is recognised by the government and other agricultural role-players as the mouthpiece and representative organisation for pork producers. It provides a one-stop service which aims at presenting the South African pork producer’s point of view from various platforms.

SAPPO functions include animal health, promotions, training and development of emerging farmers, statistics, industry protection, research, communication and information. SAPPO also liaises with abattoir owners, the wholesale and retail sectors, the state, researchers and academics specialising in pork production.

International Contact

South Africa is an active participant in international pork affairs and the 10th World Conference on Animal Production was held in Cape Town during November 2008.

SA Pork producers also participate in symposia, conferences and study tours to ensure that they remain abreast of international trends in pork and related markets.

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