Ingredients: Cheese griller [Pork, Water, Cheese (9%) [Cheddar cheese (Milk, Rennet, Cheese culture, Annato colourant, Calcium chloride), Water, Vegetable fat (Coconut), Milk solids (Whey), Stabiliser, Starch (Potato), Salt, Flavouring, Preservative (Potassium sorbate)], Beef, Mechanically deboned chicken, Vegetable protein (Soya), Salt, Dextrose, Starch, Phosphates, Dehydrated vegetable (Garlic), Hydrolysed vegetable protein (Soya), Flavourings, MSG (Flavour enhancer), Spices, Sodium erythorbate, Spice extracts, Preservatives (Sodium nitrite and Sodium nitrate)], Streaky bacon [Pork, Salt, Sugar, Phosphate, Sodium erythorbate, Curing agents (Sodium nitrite and Sodium nitrate)], Marinade (30%) [Water, Sunflower oil, Sucrose, Spices & Herbs, Acids, Salt, Modified starch, Flavourings, MSG (flavour enhancer), Cereal (wheat flour), Stabiliser, Preservative (Sodium benzoate) Colourant (E150), Non-nutritive sweetener (Sodium saccharin), Dextrose].
Contains: Cow’s milk, Soya, Wheat gluten.

WARNING: Content contains wooden skewers.

Consume within 2 days of opening.
Suitable for home freezing. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Cooking Guidelines are approximate and may vary with appliances. Remove packaging prior to cooking.

Braai over hot coals for 10 - 12 minutes turning regularly, or Oven Grill at 180˚C for 8 minutes each side.