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Ham, Egg & Atchar Kota
Ham, Egg & Atchar Kota

A quick breakfast, lunch or dinner take-away solution, made by you!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 5 min
Serves: 4



4 slices

Eskort Chopped Ham Roll

1 loaf

bread (of your choice)


butter, for rolls


eggs, fried

30 g

butter, for frying eggs


salt & pepper, for seasoning eggs

8 slices

cheddar cheese




tomato sauce


  • Slice the loaf of bread in half, turn on its side and slice in half again, so that you have 4 thick quarters.

  • Cut a square of bread out of each quarter to make a hollow space for fillings, butter all bread and set aside.

  • In a non-stick pan, melt butter and fry eggs until cooked and done to your liking, season with salt and pepper.

  • Layer all the ingredients inside the hollowed out bread, top with the fried egg, atchar and tomato sauce and serve while warm.

Recipe Meal Types: - Lunch Box - Lunch - Breakfast - Dinner
The following product can be used with this recipe:
Eskort Chopped Ham Roll

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