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Fun for Kids Polony Sandwiches
Fun for Kids Polony Sandwiches

A great way to get picky little eaters to eat. Fun and interactive, let them make their own creations.

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 0 min
Serves: 4



8 slices

Eskort Chicken Polony

8 slices

Eskort French Polony

8 slices

bread, of your choice


butter, for buttering bread

8 slices

cheddar cheese


large tomatoes, sliced


baby tomatoes


cucumber, sliced




black olives



20 ml



round cookie cutters


To make hungry caterpillar

  • Butter bread and layer with slices of Eskort Chicken Polony, cheddar cheese and tomatoes.

  • Using a round cookie cutter, cut circles out of the sandwich and set aside.

  • Cut slices of cucumber in quarters and set aside.

  • Dress a baby tomato with eyes and a mouth using mayonnaise and small pieces of black olives.

  • Arrange circles of sandwich on their sides, on a board in a caterpillar shape, dress caterpillar with cucumber feet and chive antenna. Serve.

To make ladybird sandwiches

  • Butter bread and layer with cheese and tomato.

  • Using a round cookie cutter, cut sandwich into circles and set aside.

  • Slice Eskort French Polony and using a cookie cutter, cut into smaller circles to fit round sandwiches.

  • Using the edge of the round cookie cutter, cut out a half moon from one end of the polony, make a slice down the middle of the polony and arrange on top of the sandwich to make ladybird wings.

  • Slice olives into rounds and place on top of sandwich for eyes.

  • Slice remaining olive into strips and use as legs.

  • Dress eyes and wings with dots of mayonnaise, and serve ladybirds on a small bed of lettuce.

Recipe Meal Types: - Lunch Box - Lunch - Kids Recipes
The following products can be used with this recipe:
Eskort French Polony

Eskort Pork-Free Chicken Polony

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