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Paella Potjie
Paella Potjie

This dish was crowned tops in our search to find the most delectable Eskort-inspired family recipe in South Africa

While we’re all well-versed in the wonders of pork, this competition introduced us to some truly unforgettable treats. After receiving hundreds of classic, tasty and innovative recipes our panel of experts had the tough job of testing the dishes that were recreated by food editor Carmen Niehaus. Rashika Harduth’s paella potjie dish ticked all the boxes and impressed the judges the most.

It was all about sentimentality and sharing a recipe that holds special meaning to her family, Rashika revealed. “My grandfather used to make this recipe on our road trips when I was a child so I hold it close to my heart, as it has so many fond memories attached to it. It’s been in my family from those special days, and I think it was just his favourite things put together in a quick and easy potjie pot whenever we travelled.”

The fact that it’s delicious and so easy to create is just a bonus!

“It’s my favourite recipe and simple enough to be a go-to recipe that can be prepared quickly and is delicious as well. I also love the way it has fused two types of cooking, SA potjie with the Italian paella.

“I would love to create the same special memories of our trips – like standing around the pot, taking turns to stir – that I have with my grandfather with own my kids,” Rashika says.

Because with Eskort Life’s Delicious so Rashika will receive a R 5000 Checkers voucher as well as a copy of the Eskort 100 years 100 recipes book and a digital subscription to DRUM magazine. Her winning recipe will also feature in an October issue of DRUM.

Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking: 30-40 minutes
Serves about 8



500 g

Eskort Fresh Pork Fillets, cubed


red sweet peppers, seeded and cut into strips




large onion, chopped


chicken thighs, skinned and halved

5 ml

saffron threads


bay leaves


chicken stock pots

1 litre

boiling water

500 g

uncooked rice


salt and pepper, to taste

600 g

kingklip or hake, cut in strips

200 g

frozen prawns, or less

50 g

calamari heads (optional)

250 g

frozen green peas


juice of 1 lemon


  • Heat some oil in a large pot.

  • Lightly fry the peppers and onion, then add the pork and chicken pieces.

  • Cover and simmer until the meat is nearly done, about 15 minutes.

  • In the meantime, add the saffron, bay leaves and chicken stock pots to the boiling water and set aside.

  • Add the rice to the pot. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer gently for 10 minutes.

  • Put the fish, prawns, calamari (if using) and peas on top of the rice, season with salt and pepper, cover and simmer until the fish and prawns are done and the liquid has been absorbed.

  • Add the lemon juice just before serving, give a gentle stir and plate up.

Recipe Meal Types: - Winter Warmers - Mother's Day Special - Lunch - Dinner - Entertaining
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