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Mediterranean Shakshuka
Mediterranean Shakshuka

The addition of a few traditional Mediterranean ingredients takes this #JustDelicious breakfast (or lunch!) treat to a whole new level of flavour!

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 20 min
Serves: 4




Eskort Mediterranean Pork Sausages

30 ml

olive oil


onion, diced


red pepper, diced

2 cloves

garlic, finely chopped

2.5 ml



cayenne pepper


black olives, pitted and cut into half

1 can

chopped tomatoes




ground black pepper



50 g

feta cheese, crumbled

small handful

Italian parsley, chopped


  • Heat oil in a large pan, fry sausages until cooked through and browned on all sides.

  • Remove sausages from pan, allow to cool, then slice into coins, set aside.

  • Into the same pan add the onion, garlic and red pepper and cook until just softened.

  • Add paprika, cayenne pepper and olives and stir until well combined.

  • Add chopped tomatoes and sliced sausages, season with salt and pepper and allow to simmer for 5 - 10 minutes until sauce has thickened.

  • Remove mixture from heat and make 4 small holes in the tomato mixture and break and egg into each one.

  • Return pan to heat and cover with a lid, allow the eggs to cook over a medium heat until set to your liking.

  • Serve warm with a sprinkling of feta cheese and some Italian parsley.

Recipe Meal Types: - Quick & Easy - Lunch - Dinner - 30 Minute Meals
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Eskort Mediterranean Pork Sausages

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