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Harissa Spiced Chickpea and Pork Rasher Salad
Harissa Spiced Chickpea and Pork Rasher Salad

A crisp layer of mixed lettuce is topped with sliced peaches, harissa-spiced chickpeas and shavings of mature white cheese followed by smokey, bite-sized cubes of our #JustDelicious BBQ Pork Rashers.

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 10 min
Total Time: 20min
Serves: 4



1 pack

Eskort BBQ Pork Rashers

1 can

chickpeas, drained


peaches, cut into eighths

4 handfuls

mixed lettuce

125 g

mature white cheese, shaved

45 ml

harissa spice

45 ml

oil, for frying


Pork Rashers

  • Heat the oil in a frying pan over a moderate heat and fry the rashers until crispy on both sides. Remove the rashers from the pan and set aside.

Harissa-Spiced Chickpeas

  • Fry the chickpeas in the same pan until golden, then season with the harissa spice and remove from the heat.

Assembly and Serving

  • Arrange the mixed lettuce on a serving platter, followed by the sliced peaches, white cheese shavings and spiced chickpeas.

  • Slice the rashers into smaller cubes and add to the salad before serving.

Recipe Meal Types: - Salads - Lunch
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