Piet Retief

If you’re in Piet Retief planning a braai, make sure you visit our Eskort store. Our products not only offer variety, but they also come with an assurance of quality, the “Gold standard since 1917” medal. This assurance keeps our customers coming back for more again and again. Every day we wake up to serve the ultimate shopping experience to everyone who walks into our store. Visit us in Piet Retief; it’s not just pork, it’s Eskort.


N2 Woodhill Retail Center,
Shop 53,
corner Church & Theo Mocke Street,
Piet Retief

087 170 0211

Mon-Sat 09:00-17:00
Sun 09:00-12:00

Special Hours
Operating hours during these periods may vary, please contact the store for more information