Bacon Cherry Sticks

Cooking Guidelines are approximate and may vary with appliances. Remove packaging prior to cooking.

Grill: Place the oven rack in the middle on the oven and switch the oven on grill. As soon as the oven has reached temperature place the product in a lightly oiled oven pan and place on the rack. Grill for 10 to 12 minutes, turning once.

Pan Fry: Lightly oil a pan and place over medium heat. Fry for approx. 8 minutes while turning regularly or until product is cooked to preference.

Braai: Over medium to hot coals, braai for 8 to 10 minutes until done to preference, turning frequently.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: UNCOOKED – KEEP REFRIGERATED BELOW 4˚C. Use within Best Before date. Consume within 2 days of opening. Suitable for home freezing on day of purchase, use within 3 months of freezing.

Ingredients: Streaky bacon (70%) [Pork, Water, Salt, Phosphates (E451, E450), Sugar, Sodium erythorbate (E316), Curing agents (Sodium nitrite, E250 and Sodium nitrate, E251)], Red cherries (10%), Marinade (20%) [Water, Sugar, Glucose, Apricot puree, Onion, Soya sauce (Soya, Wheat extract, Salt), Lemon juice, Modified maize starch, Acid (E260), Stabiliser (E415), Sweetener (E952), Spices, Salt, MSG (Flavour Enhancer 621), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate E202) Colouring.


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