Eskort Recipes

Making load shedding meal times easier!

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Elevate your lunch game with Eskort’s Ham and Cheese Sandwich, a delightful combination of Eskort Sliced Ham, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh...

Bacon, Avo & Feta Bagel

Enjoy Eskort’s Bacon, Avo & Feta Bagel recipe. With Eskort Bacon Spread, fresh avocado, and crumbled feta, this no-cook, 15-minute meal...

BBQ Mini Frikkadels with Red Salad in a Low GI Pita

Spice up your dinner with Eskort’s BBQ Mini Frikkadels with Pita recipe. Enjoy succulent Eskort BBQ Frikkadels, fresh vegetables, and zesty...

Eskort Beech Wood Smoked Pulled Pork Sliders with Crunchy Apple Slaw – By @PriMadeFood

Braai Made easy with Eskort for the Nyamarians😋👌🏽 – By Sinoyolo Sifo

Pork Chops with Crispy Basil Baby Potatoes – By Apriena Jugoo Pummer