MetropolitanRepublic wins the Eskort account

MetropolitanRepublic wins the Eskort account

MetropolitanRepublic has been awarded the account for pork product brand, Eskort. The brand says that after almost two decades of working with one agency, its marketing team, led by group marketing manager Marcelle Pienaar, went to market with a list of requirements, looking for an integrated agency with strong FMCG and food experience.

MetropolitanRepublic wins the Eskort account

According to Eskort, it found what it was looking for at MetropolitanRepublic. “MetropolitanRepublic’s team proved to us not only their passion and understanding of the category of pork but offered deep insights across our c

omplex target markets. They’re always cognitive of the challenges within our core market as well as our growth markets,” says Pienaar.

“They really got under the skin of the category, the consumer and the brand, and the Eskort team is fully confident that the agency will deliver the mutual vision of becoming a desired and consumer-relevant brand,” Pienaar adds.

MetropolitanRepublic founder and owner, Paul Warner, says Eskort is a brand that is firmly rooted in South Africa’s food culture and evokes strong memories of family and friends sharing meals.

“If there is any one single characteristic and attribute of a brand that provides a sustainable competitive advantage, it is heritage. It’s time for this modern heritage brand to take its rightful place at the head of the dinner table,” Warner says.

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