Willowmore farmers receive 500 bales of hay

Eskort Willowmore farmers receive 500 bales of hay

In response to the severe drought that is currently affecting the Karoo, Eskort has donated 500 bales of hay to farmers who are in desperate need of animal feed.

NATIONAL NEWS – Eskort sourced 500 bales of hay to assist in aiding the farmers in need as part of its ongoing #EskortCares social responsibility programme. On 10 September 10 interlink trucks, all fully sponsored by collaborating transport companies, departed from Gauteng to Willomore in the Eastern Cape, to distribute the bales to the community.

“Helping communities is ingrained in the Eskort DNA. In line with our corporate social responsibility initiatives, we consistently identify opportunities to support those in need.

“As a fresh and processed pork products brand, we are aware of the many farmers, producers and people who are directly and indirectly involved in keeping our brand and our products in the marketplace. By assisting communities, we maintain and grow our ability to provide quality products, while creating a direct impact on those that need it most.

“We are extremely grateful to all who collaborated with Eskort on this initiative to help Karoo farmers affected by the drought in the Willowmore, Rietbron and Fullerton communities,” says Arnold Prinsloo, Eskort CEO.

The companies that came on board to assist with the transportation of the feed are ATS Transport Solutions, DAF, Elbar Logistics, Hendred Fruehauf, JMMJ Trans, KGV Logistics, Marble Vervoer, Mountsure Insurance, Mpunzi Transport, Route7 Transport, SA City Link, Tagline Logistics and Zelle Trans. Deon Coetzee of SA City Link and Ruan Coetzee of Tagline co-ordinated all logistics. Texan Petroleum sponsored the diesel for the trucks and the 500 bales where sponsored by Gerard Braak from GHB Farms.

Willowmore farmers receive 500 bales of hay

Eskort sourced 500 bales of hay to assist in aiding the farmers in need as part of its ongoing #EskortCares social responsibility programme.

Fred Colborne, a farmer in the Willomore community who leads the distribution of the bales, thanked Eskort on behalf of the farmers in the area.

”We would like to thank Eskort for arranging and delivering the feed and for bringing hope and friendship to our communities at this time. We are extremely grateful.”

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