This month we celebrate the women of our beautiful country



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Die Tiende Varkfees beloof om net soos vorige jare 'n fees te wees wat almal kan geniet! Hope pret en plesier vir almal - Jonk en Oud! Aktiwiteite soos helikopter ritte, ‘n pretpark vir die kinders, fietsry wedloop en vele meer gaan vir die kinders aangebied word. Die verskeidenheid kunstenaars wat gaan optree en stalletjies met kuns en ander interessanthede, gaan verseker dat u nie ‘n oomblik verveeld kan raak nie. Die heerlikste kos en vleisgeregte word deur Eskort aangebied asook ‘n verskeidenheid ander eet en drinkgoed sal te koop wees. Besoek gerus die kuiertent wanneer u ‘n ruskansie nodig het.

Die kunstenaars wat die Vrydag optree sluit die volgende in: Sonja & Tjokker, Juan Boucher, Charlize Berg, Mwah, Robbie Wessels, Steve Hofmeyr, Henk Grimsell asook Ollie die Nar, Cordelia, Stadsboer, Liza Brönner, NRG, Kurt Darren, Henk Grimsell op die Saterdag.
Hekke open: Vrydag 28 Augustus: 14h00 -24h00; Saterdag 29 Augustus: 09h00 – 24h00
Addres: Hoër Volkskool Sportsgronde, Beecham Straat, Heidelberg.
Koordinate: 26°29’55.4”S 28°21’53.”E. Padaanwysings.




We've decided that we should hold our Spring Carnival early this year and so far, the weather seems to be playing along! Lot's of delicious braais kos! We look forward to welcoming you.

Click here to check out the delicious specials now on at the Eskort Butchery in Estcourt.

Click here to check out the delicious specials now on at the Eskort Butchery in Heidelberg.

Click here to check out the delicious specials now on at the Eskort Butchery at FOODHUB in Silverton.

Click here to check out the delicious specials now on at the Spring Festival at Eskort Butchery at FOODHUB in Mbombela.



In a letter addressed to all staff, Arnold Prinsloo (Eskort CEO) stated "Over the past 98 years we have strived to produce a quality range of products that satisfy the multi segments of South African consumers. We have built a formidable brand over these years and have plans in place to grow rapidly in the years to come".

He continued to express particular excitement about the performance and growth of the Value Added Fresh Meat category and the expansion of the Retail Division with the opening of the Eskort Butchery in Mbombela (Nelspruit).

He then thanked all staff members for being so passionate about the ESKORT brand and for building such a great company and concluded with a "Happy Birthday ESKORT"!

In related activity, Jolandie Louwies (Eskort Brand Manager) and Ingrid Lourens (PA to Eskort CEO) brought food and warm cheer to the children of Ditshego Pre-School in Olievenhoutbosch to assist in the Feed A Child mission to feed 3000 children in 67 minutes.
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The magnificent new Eskort Butchery Mbombela opening on 1 July 2015 was met with great enthusiasm by the residents of Mpumalanga. The biggest and best Eskort Butchery to date is situated at the Riverside Junction (previously Value Mart) on the busy Madiba Drive (R40) in Mbombela (previously Nelspruit). Eskort Butchery is the first of the FOODHUB factory shops to open with others due to follow as soon as the relocation of non-food outlets in the centre has been completed.

To view scenes from the Eskort Butchery Mbombela Grand Opening, click here.
To view the Eskort Butchery Mbombela current specials, click here.




Balsamic Pulled Pork Buns with Sweet Potato Fries has now also been uploaded for viewing on YouTube. This recipe uses the delicious Pulled Pork which is now available at Eskort Butcheries.

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Eskort and Whiskingit have collaborated to create this video in which popular food blogger Lexi shows how easy it is to make delicious Pork Ragu over Creamy Polenta.

Click on the image to view the video on YouTube.



Watch popular food blogger Lexi cook this delicious Pork Belly, Broc & Cauli Wok recipe. Be prepared to be seriously hungry if you click on the image to view the video on YouTube!



Redefining the Modern Piggery

Crate Free refers to the housing management and welfare of pigs, who are generally kept in gestation crates. Spitskop is a first-of-its-kind farm in South Africa, where sows live without gestation crate confinement, but roam around in groups for their full length of their pregnancy (16 weeks). 

The idea for the Crate Free farm started in 2010, when the Braak family looked at the animal welfare standards in Europe, especially Netherlands.  The vision for Spitskop is for the farm to compete and meet global standards.