Eskort Recipes

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Baby Potatoes & Marrows with Crispy Bacon

Indulge in Eskort’s Baby Potatoes & Marrows with Crispy Bacon recipe. Savor crispy Eskort Diced Bacon, golden potatoes, and tender...

Bacon Granola with Panna Cotta & Seasonal Fruit

French Toast Croissants with Bacon, Emmental Cheese & Baby Spinach

Dutch Baby Pancake with Bacon & Cinnamon-Spiced Fruit

Toasted Bacon & Egg Wraps with Masala Cherry Tomatoes

Crispy Pork Belly with Sweet Potato and Chilli Pickle

Mussel and Beer Pork Fillet with Sweet Potato Bread

Ginger, Chilli and Sweet Potato Soup with Smokey Pulled Pork

Sweet Potato Flapjacks with BBQ Pork Rashers and Whipped Honey Butter

Pan-Toasted Ham, Cheese and Tomato Sarmie