Eskort Recipes

Making load shedding meal times easier!

Pork Teriyaki Schnitzels

Bring a twist to your traditional schnitzel with our quick and flavourful Pork Teriyaki Schnitzels.

BBQ Mini Frikkadels with Red Salad in a Low GI Pita

Spice up your dinner with Eskort’s BBQ Mini Frikkadels with Pita recipe. Enjoy succulent Eskort BBQ Frikkadels, fresh vegetables, and zesty...

Frikkadel Boujee Bowl

Dive into Eskort’s Frikkadel Boujee Bowl, a vibrant, flavorful dish made with air-fried Eskort Frikkadels, spiced rice, and charred veggies....

Crumbed Pork Strip Burgers

Savour Eskort’s Rumbled Pork Strip Burgers – crunchy, air-fried Eskort Crumbed Pork Strips topped with tangy slaw and pickles, all in a...

Mediterranean Meatball Sarmie with Tzatziki

Fresh mint and creamy tzatziki lift the sweet-tart tomato flavour of this meatball sarmie.